BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)

BSCI, the Brussels-based Foreign Trade Association (FTA) was launched by a special standard. BSCI, ILO (International Labor Organization), the occupational health and safety standards are based on the social performance of the supply chain and promotes continuous improvement. To be certified by the standards in such Target SA 8000 or equivalent, thereby promoting sustainable working conditions worldwide.

The main substance of the BSC criteria are as follows:

Compliance Act (which is currently in force in Turkey No. 6331 Occupational Health and Safety Act is implemented in the company. For example, experts should keep such businesses to Include Safety Expert)

To conform to the Labour Code in force in working hours Compensation (employee termination benefits to be disposed of, the law of the severance pay calculation is as stated) the prevention of child labor (although the law prohibited child labor work in the prevention of unregistered workers in enterprises have children. let workers under the age of 16 in the status of child labor, but they do an apprenticeship.) the prevention of forced labor and punitive measures (an extension of working hours forced workers excluded by law, does not want to run a job means forced labor, and is prohibited by law.)

Freedom of association and collective bargaining rights (workers are entitled to union membership and union activities, employers can not prevent it in any way.

Any type of non-discrimination (workers of different religions may be from different cultures suitable for worship and prayer schedule that should be required of the religious break or permissions should be, places of worship must be provided. If you are working from the same surnames of the same village favoritism or must be ensured that the oracle)

Workplace health and safety is supposed to be brought into the workplace a safe environment. for example, the Occupational Health Board, job security teams should be established and periodically collected.

BSCI Web page: http://www.bsci-intl.org