Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), aims to promote decent working conditions in the garment industry. clothing Netherlands to the European market are often produced in low-wage countries. Often these cheap garments are produced under unacceptable working conditions. Fair Wear Foundation, the organization of work in the garment industry, is an initiative of trade unions and NGOs. FWF was founded in The Netherlands, but similar initiatives are currently working hard to combine a European initiative. For this purpose, the FWF, a corporate stakeholders, unions and consult in stk'lar- .Avrup level and neighboring countries.

FWF How does it work?

FWF, job application for Clothing Industry is working with the Code of Conduct. Member companies accept this code of conduct. Thus, the working conditions in their factories, in terms of controlling the provisions of the code of conduct and are being adopted to make improvements where necessary. The code of conduct includes the eight internationally recognized labor standards; thereof, it must be applied step by step in the factory. Factories mostly in Asia, located in Eastern Europe and North Africa. FWF member companies of the business practices of the code of conduct is in fact confirmed that they apply or not. For this purpose, the FWF uses four vehicles. Verification by the FWF, a member company of the guarantees they improve the working conditions really needed. Because: FWF was founded and is managed by a large group of social organizations. These organizations, is the guarantor of the quality of our work. FWF, auditing, set up partnerships with local organizations, interviewing workers and producers working in the fields of affairs in the country has the expertise.

FWF Web page: http://www.fairwear.org/